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Collections and Singular Works

Artist Statement

I like my work to act as a search light for meaning in a world so full of wonder, but encapsulated in a universe that ultimately renders it meaningless... I believe there to be a fine line of intimacy in seeing a subject matter up close, that helps to hinder the nihilistic tendencies of my thoughts. My hope is to pass this on to my viewers through a contemporary, yet uniquely composed viewpoint, and share in a journey of discovery that attempts to silence the existential dread.

Light is my medium, the camera my instrument. I never believed myself to be an artist, and have never bonded well with the title. Yet I find myself capable of expressing more through my medium than with words alone. Is that what makes an artist?



Singular Works


Venice by Night


After shooting a documentary for 2 months in Venice, I wanted to capture a singular image that represented my understanding of the city. Venice's roots are embedded by the working class. These people, mostly pushed out by gentrification, now cling to the tourist dollars that flow through the canals of the ancient city. Here we see two gondoliers take check of their earnings at the end of a hard day on the canals.

Captured on Fuji GFX100s


A Working Life


A man on his typical days labour outside a small village in Egypt. The expressions of the tired donkey, and the determined withered look of the old man, encapsulate the formidable spirit of both man and beast to survive in a modern world. The state of the mans hands and feet (and lack of toenails) adds only to the finer details of this portrait of labour.

Captured on Fuji GFX100s




While travelling Egypt, we convinced our guides to take us far off the beaten track to see the more authentic parts of the country. After learning that what these children need most, is school supplies, we loaded our car full and headed back the next day. Grateful chaos ensued. 

Captured on Fuji GFX100s


Kodak Moments

Another photographer captures a candid family moment on a beach in Santorini. The observational nature of the other shooter displaying the voyeuristic nature of someone looking for their own Kodak Moment. 

Captured on Fuji GFX100s




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