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My time living in Hong Kong, despite the wonders of the city, became almost like a personal prison. I felt trapped by a place of such huge contrast and became locked into a way of living that meant an almost total lack of independence, far from my usual self. Ultimately this led me to leave the city and move back to the UK. However, my time there allowed me to come to the realization that the most important thing to me, is freedom.

Being born in the west, has allowed me freedom in many forms. Political, religious, physical... The more I wondered on the concept the more it became clear that freedom has many forms, and is abundant and restricted in many different way across the world. 

One such freedom being financial. The sticky web of economic control impacts everyone in this global society. Very few remain untouched by it.

The concept of financial freedom from a western perspective is of course, more money equals more freedom. But in this pursuit, are we really free? Our lives are spent working towards unattainable and unclear goals that ultimately dissipate to nothing upon our demise. We educate ourselves through our formative years, to work through adult life, and for those lucky enough to make into retirement, finally live freely at a time where our bodies fail us and physical freedom becomes limited.

This collection stands as a testament to a different concept of financial freedom. The idea that less money, of course coming with its own difficulties, brings people back to the fundamental things that makes us human. Simpler pleasures and needs met through a closer connection to ourselves and each other. 


The Freedom Collection has been shot across the globe, including Tanzania, Egypt, Fiji and Europe, over a ten year period. Shot in a combination of full frame and high resolution medium format, the approach has been to capture authentic candid moments that breathe only truth, in as much detail as possible, ideal for the large scale display. Minimal post processing is employed with only global adjustments to levels to stay as true to the moment of capture as possible.


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