Born in Worcester, England, I have since travelled and worked across the world within the film industry, and now live between Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, where I spend my time working between the two.

After teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu from the age of 17, my  career in film started in 2011 as a brief stint as an Actor, working in major roles on such films as Dragonheart 3 with Universal Studios.


This quickly led to shooting and directing my own work, starting in corporate gigs and (very) low budget narrative pieces. 

This led to my work within advertising and becoming an early adopter of VR technology. This opened doors to shoot for some major clients on some new and innovative pieces.

I had the pleasure of shooting the first VR piece for a major sporting team with Brighton and Hove Albion, then shooting the opening VR piece for the World's first VR broadcast of a major sporting event for BT Sport and the Champions League Final.

Other VR work included for the BBC and Fiji Airways.


Following working under some fantastic DP's, and studying under some incredible photographers and DP's during my time living in Hong Kong, I took the plunge into shooting mostly narrative work (which had always been the dream!)

Since 2016 I've had the pleasure of working purely as a Cinematographer (and occasionally directing) on feature's shorts, adverts and music videos.


My move in 2017 to Toronto, Canada, led me to joining the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, and taking on my first agent as a cinematographer.


Since then, my work has gone from strength to strength, giving me incredible opportunities such as shooting a feature film across three countries, winning numerous awards for my own films,  and 2nd Unit DPing for Seamus McGarvey and Joss Whedon on his new HBO series. 

At the heart of every great film and every stunning shot, is story. If you want to know anything more about mine, feel free to get in touch.

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  • Best VR Film - Toronto New Wave 2018

  • Top Ten Short Film - Lake Placid Film festival 2019

  • Best Short Film - Canadian Cinematography Awards 2019

  • Best Cinematography - Florence Cinematography Awards 2019

  • Best Short Film - Florence Cinematography Awards 2019

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