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Challenger is released! - WATCH HERE

Last October myself and my team set out to create a short film that highlighted the use of our latest acquired piece of equipment, the Tilta Arm. After filming our short narrative, life as it sometimes does, imitated art, and became a real life situation. The owner of the track we filmed at, unfortunately lost ownership due to financial complications... Instead of focusing on the use of our new equipment, we decided to expand the film further into a more dramatic full length piece, in honour of Dave, his family, and the Humberstone Speedway.

You can check out the film here, and if you have any questions, or would like to show your support for Dave and his family, please get in touch!

and as to our original intention also, if you have any interest in renting any of our equipment, you can find the full list here, and please contact us for a quote!

Daniel Everitt-Lock - Cinematographer - Toronto

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