Equipment Rental

A full list of film equipment available for rental Toronto and the GTA is listed below. Equipment is owned and rented by Cinematographer, Daniel Everitt-Lock, Douglas Cunningham and Jordan Cutler.

Please contact for availability and a quotation.

Insurance for the full value of the equipment will be required before rental pickup.

Additional discounts can be provided when also hiring our services.


RED Gemini 5K - PL and EF mount available, with I/O expander

2x 256gb cards

6x V-lock batteries with 4x chargers

SmallHD 702 Touch

Nucleus-M FIZ unit

Cinegears 150m Transmitter and Receiver

Rokinon Cine Primes - 14mm / 24mm / 35mm / 50mm

Camera Support

Movi Pro - with TB50 battery adapters and igniteDigi offsets to support heavier camera payloads (4x TB50 and 4x Movi batteries)

Movi Mimic for remote control with Rec Control Protocol included

Tiltamax Black Arm (car rigging including speed rails, suction cups,

etc, available upon request)

2x Dana Dolly with 5', 6' and 8' rails

Cam Gear - DVP6 Tripod (max 22lbs load capacity)

Shoulder Rig, top handle, and other camera rigging gear available.


Mole Richardson Tenner (10Kw Tungsten equivalent)

1.8/1.2k HMI with magnetic ballast

HIVE 250 Wasp Par Kit

Arri L7C

HIVE 100c Wasp Par 2 light kit

HIVE 200c Hornet Par 2 light kit

Litegear Chinaball boom rig (bicolour)

Kinoflo Select 31 Freestyle with snap grids and snapbags

Aputure C120T

2x Aputure C120D (1x Mark 1, 1x Mark 2)

Aputure MW

3x Colourspike kit

Crossfade Quasar Kino bank. 4x 4'

RGB Quasar bank. 4x 4'

3x 2' Crossfade Quasars

2x Astera AX1's with IR remote control

KinoFlo Diva 416

Litemat 1 &2L kits (Daylight)

K-flect kit

2x NORI Squarebounce (black and white, white and silver, 2x gold and silver canopies)


2 section wind up stand

6x6 frame with Ultrabounce, 1/2 silk and 1/4 grid

8x8 frame with black solid

9x tall c-stands

1x medium c-stand

1x baby c-stand

2x Magic Arms

Cardi's (numerous)

Grip heads (numerous)

Maffers (numerous)

AC and Power strips (numerous)

Sandbags (numerous)